High-end software solutions

Experts and solutions for all your software needs

Traxit - High-end trading platform

A modern, rock solid, affordable and customised system for high-demand trading systems. For businesses that want their IT system to be a booster instead of a break.

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Flying CTO

The flexible and affordable way to have experienced software professionals help you with every aspect of your software needs.

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Software development

Improve your business with software that fits your processes instead of the other way around.

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Why great companies work with Media2B

Amazing software

Software built by seasoned professionals using a unique process-driven design method, so you stay in control. And at ease!

Great value. Always.

An agile development process results in fast, predictable and incremental value. No suprises, you always know what you will get.

Security as top prio

Security is a fundamental part of every software related effort within Media2B.


Media2B is founded, and run, by experienced software professionals. Experts that have worked in all kinds of settings, from academia to startups and form R&D to big organizations.

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