Build cool stuff that matters

Software engineer (full-time)

Where: Groningen
Start: Whatever suits you

Want to build cool stuff that matters? You’re in luck, because Media2B, Contracts11, XIThing and B11 are looking for software engineering professionals that want to work on a better web.

If you are looking for a job writing cowboy code at night while eating pizzas and drinking cola, or during hackathons organized by the marketing department, this is not for you. If you are serious about your profession as a software engineer and want to work on a better web in a highly professional and experienced team, this is for you.

There are open positions at each company within the Media2B Group.

Media2B aims to realise the Web11 vision by providing world class software engineering services as well as improving the software profession itself. Focussing on advanced software solutions Media2B’s team of experienced and ambitious software professionals understand every aspect of continuously delivering quality software. If you are a computer scientist who takes his/her profession seriously and who wants to work in a team where he/she can learn from the best, while building cool stuff that matters, Media2B has an open position for you.

XIThing connects the digital world to the physical world to create immense value. There’s an incredible amount of untapped value in “dumb” objects. The only reason it is still locked up is that technology hasn’t yet caught up yet to our imagination. With cheap microcontrollers and new wireless technologies, times are changing, and we plan to be at the forefront of innovation. You will work on intelligent systems processing sensor data, perform security audits or work on making systems secure, and you will be developing software systems with a hardware component, depending on your expertise and experience.

Contracts11 shares Media2B’s mission of building a better web, called Web11. Contracts11 focusses on ‘smart contract’ based systems. This includes applied computer scientific research on ‘semantic programming languages’ for writing smart contracts, which can potentially revolutionize the software engineering profession. Using the resulting revolutionary process-driven data modelling approach, Contracts11 builds modern information systems that actually work. At Contracts11 you will work with world leading experts in this field. Together you will further enhance and develop ‘semantic programming’ while building systems that solve problems for customers.

B11 focuses on the application on state-of-the-art marketing related technologies for building the most effective supply and demand systems. The Web11 related area is defined by the question what supply and demand actually are and how they can meet. This is an area open to innovation. Therefore, at B11 you have the opportunity to work at the frontier of applying the latest software engineering methods and techniques in the field of marketing. Not just marketing of normal products to normal customers. Also marketing the services of ‘things’, in the Internet of Things, to ‘other things’.

Each of the companies is, and will stay, relatively small (max. 10) which means that your responsibilities will be both diverse and meaningful. Listing the technologies that you will be using is impossible, since being a software professional means you are expected to pick the right tool for the right job. It is your responsibility to constantly keep your skills up to date. Currently it is Livescript, Python (of course, as the organizers of PyGrunn), Go, Docker, GIT, WebPack, Rancher, Postgresql, etc., but that list will likely be different for the next task.

About you

  • Computer science degree or similar;
  • Passionate about software engineering. Meaning that you are interested in all aspects of specifying, designing, building, deploying and maintaining informations systems;
  • Experience with multiple languages, tools and methodologies and ability to quickly learn new ones;
  • Interested in all aspects and levels of computer systems, such as databases, user interfaces, specification, testing, deployment and monitoring;
  • Up to date knowledge of IT trends;
  • Fun to hang out with and love working in teams and a dynamic environment.

Of course it is very hard to be an expert in all those areas. But you are able to communicate and work together with people who are. And you are either an expert yourself in at least one aspect, and/or have the desire, and can show the ability, to become one.

Our offer

  • A great job in a fun and friendly team of experts in their field;
  • Salary in line with experience;
  • Full-time employment;
  • Location: Center of Groningen (The Netherlands);
  • International applicants are welcome!

If you want to work full-time on Web11 with us in Groningen, do not hesitate and contact us at