From intent to experience.

Media2B develops software solutions that allow users to express their wish for an experience in the way they prefer. Using any combination of words, pictures, videos, sketches, music, or whatever they can express what they would like. Our software interprets this message and generates the experience. Whether the experience is purely digital, purely physical, or a mix, that is up to the user.

Using the latest advances in AI and software engineering our tools make it super easy and comfortable for end users to turn their wishes into reality. No need for a middleman that interprets the wishes and constructs the experience. It is completely automated. This is more powerful, easier and avoids mistakes and misunderstandings.

Example: From moodboard to trip

Create a moodboard for the trip! Add images of the setting you like, of the place you would like to go, of the weather you prefer. Write down some preferences. Add videos that inspire you. Use a microphone to tell what else you prefer. Next, let our solution present you with a bunch of proposal experiences you can choose from as a starting point. Finetune your selection to your liking and finish the booking!

Example: From text to virtual environment

To create a virtual environment for Altzheimer patients doctors can describe it in plain text. Using natural language they can say what the environment should look like, which objects it should contain, which era it should be situated in, etcetera. Our solution is able to extract the intent from the text and generate a number of virtual environments that the doctor can use as a starting point.

Want to know more?

Innovation is moving so fast in this area, and the opportunities are so plentiful for your business, that we would rather inform you in a more personal manner. Please contact us using one of the means below for a free assessment of the opportunities for your business.