Starting with a purpose. Harder but better.

Guided by the Kunnis compass Media2B and its network of companies (Contracts11, XIThing, B11) have a very clear goal - build Web11. Judging by the buzz generated by Aaron Hurst's book The Purpose Economy Media2B is clearly in step with the revolution taking place in the way businesses are organised and run, and the reason they are started. Where people used to start businesses to just earn a living, there is a trend where this is not enough anymore. Both entrepreneurs and employees are also looking for their work to have a clear purpose. We at Media2B wholeheartedly support this trend. Making as much money as possible at the expense of others may have been the standard way of doing business in the past, it is crystal clear that the price that we are collectively paying is simply too high. Our planet is suffering and there is an increasing gap between the haves and have-nots. This situation is not only unmaintainable, it is also immoral. At Media2B we are all about transparency. It should be clear to everybody who is providing which value to a transaction, but also which resources are being used. Full transparency would make it clear that most of the value highly successful companies (e.g. 'unicorns') offer, are actually generated by others. Just as most scientific revolutions were based upon hard work by predecessors.

Starting with a purpose that restores some of this balance is therefore something we should all support. But, the only difficulty is that it is much harder to start with a purpose and find the market demand for that which your company has to offer. The old way of doing business was quite clear, you identified a market need and offered a solution. But in the purpose economy you start with the purpose and have to identify a market need, which is a lot harder. Still, at Media2B we believe that the future of business will be more about identifying market demand and constructing purpose-built ad-hoc networks of expertise to fulfil it. Technological advances have made it possible to both identify a demand and create ad-hoc networks of expertise.

The unfortunate consequence will likely be that a lot more business initiatives will fail. Because in the end your company has to offer the solution to a problem that someone is willing to pay for. This means that we should make it easier to start, but also stop, a business. Make it more agile. Because the purpose-based companies that do succeed will make all our lives better.

These ideas are in line with those of Web11. Media2B is therefore both working by, as well as on, these rules. And yes, that is harder. But it is better.