Software engineer

When: Full time
Where: Groningen
Start: As soon as possible


Are you proud to be a software professional?
Do you like the diversity? That it entails anything from frontend, backend, fullstack, halfstack, functional, imperative, language X, library Y, framework Z, etc?
Are you a curious, allround and ambitious software professional?
Do you have an eclectic taste when it comes to your craft?
Do you love to develop advanced software for a wide range of clients using a wide range of tools and technologies? And improve the software engineering craft along the way?
Do you want to work for a company that was founded to improve the world by improving the way software is created?
Simply put, do you want to be part of an ambitious team and build cool stuff that really matters? Than this is your job!

What you will do

You will basically do two things:

  • Create great software for a wide range of clients using a wide range of tools and technologies. It could be frontend, Python, blockchains, GIT, JavaScript, mobile, sensor networks, distributed systems, Rx, AI, docker, etc. In the end it’s all software, and as a software professional you are expected to pick the right tool for the right job and keep your skills up to date. One thing is for sure, though, it will be at the cutting edge.
  • Work on ways to improve the software engineering craft. You will work on programming languages, compilers, development tools, engineering methods, etc.

There is of course much more to it, but whatever you will do, your responsibilities will be both diverse and meaningful.

About you

  • Computer science degree or similar;
  • Curious, ambitious, venturous, positive;
  • Passionate about software engineering. Meaning that you are interested in all aspects of specifying, designing, building, deploying and maintaining informations systems;
  • Experience with multiple languages, tools and methodologies and ability to quickly learn new ones;
  • Interested in all aspects and levels of computer systems: such as databases, user interfaces, specification, testing, deployment and monitoring;
  • Up to date knowledge of IT trends;
  • Fun to hang out with and love working in teams and a dynamic environment.

Of course it is very hard to be an expert in all those aspects. But you are able to communicate and work together with people who are. And either are an expert yourself in at least one aspect, and/or have the desire, and can show the ability, to become one.

Why us

Media2B is a software company that does things a bit differently. We create highly professional software solutions while in the meantime work on improving the software engineering craft itself. Why? Because we believe our craft can and should be improved to build better information systems. Why? Because, our dream of a better web. We believe we can contribute to a better web while making customers happy with great software that really supports their processes.

We are teamplayers. For instance, we truly support the open source community by contributing and organizing two open source conferences. PyGrunn, the biggest Dutch Python conference, and the Web11 conference, which is about ways to engineer smart ecosystems.

Within Media2B you will find a true treasure trove of expertise in the area of software engineering. An excellent environment for the curious and ambitious to learn and grow.

All in all you could say that we are looking for colleagues that believe what we believe, not just for someone to work away as many tickets as possible.

What we offer

  • An open, friendly, professional and ambitious environment where passion for software engineering reigns.
  • An environment catered towards improving both you and Media2B.
  • Salary in line with market and experience
  • Full time employment (40h)
  • Location: City center of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Interested? Contact us at