Software development

Did you ever participate in a software project which went over time and/or budget? That the wrong things were built, and that you didn’t feel (and probably weren’t) in control? And that your software partner was trying to automate a business that they didn’t really understand?

Software development is difficult and complex, with most projects running out of budget and time due to a poor understanding of the problem domain. It is very hard for a customer to get a grip on something as abstract as software development. We’re experts on software projects and have become very good at managing their constraints, but we’ve also found that we develop better software and end up with happier customers if we give the customer tools to help control the development process. To facilitate this, we use the unique Process-Driven System Development methodology (PDSD), developed by and licensed from Contracts11‘s world class process and data modelling experts, to verifiably solve your business problems in the most efficient way possible.

Our approach puts you in the driver’s seat when designing the system. We map out the problems that you want to solve, and will design the process together with you to come up with a model of the solution. This model can be converted into prototypes, which allow you to give instant feedback on the process, but more importantly, this model will be used to generate actual code that the implementation will be based upon.

During development, this process model will be invaluable for you as well. New insights might make us want to change the solution and process we came up with at the beginning, something that is definitely encouraged in our agile way of working. The developed model will easily allow us to make an impact assessment and indicate what has to be changed and where, and which other steps in the process are affected.

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